Symbol Story

The four Elements that are used to make these geometric symbols are Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The Elements are described and used as a means of integrating Nature with the human aspect to assist in our healing.

In every ancient healing tradition, the Elements form a basis for a healing standard. There may be some variations in their specific meaning, or the direction in which they are placed - north, south, east and west, but the intent is universal. As humans, our aspects of oneness with the Creator also involve our understanding of the spirit of the Elements and how they relate to our human experience.

We are here in our human form because of these elements; it is not the other way around.

"In Holographic Repatterning, many energetic tools are used to create shifts at the emotional, mental and spirit level. These include color, sound, movement, breath and sacred geometry, which the Elementals™ symbols powerfully evoke. I use these symbols to anchor, to focus, to shift or to enhance those vibrational frequencies which the client most requires for their healing." – Gail Glanville, Holographic Patterning CP

So The Story Goes

So the story goes that for any growth to occur one needs to go through a process.

To begin any journey one needs to be Awakened to start. Once this happens one can Open to the idea and know that they will be safe on their journey by letting go and letting God. As one takes her/his first step a Transformation starts and through this work one learns to Love themselves for who they are. It is important to stay Grounded in this process so it will become evident as to what Direction one must take. It becomes obvious to grow one needs to start releasing negativity they hold, Old Patterns (addiction), Internal Fears, and Heavy Burdens, and Emotional Unbalance. It takes Strength and Endurance, an internal cheerleader to cheer you on even if times get very difficult. This will guide you towards your Holy Path and situations that present will have more Clarity and meaning for you. As you walk this path one starts to become Aware of ones internal wisdom, their Inner Child, and is able to open to the true essence of Inner Joy. This starts a series of Rebirths and allows for one to become balanced on both their Feminine and Masculine sides. This brings Abundance and brings forth the ability to give and receive unconditional love from the Creator. This acceptance allows for a Harmony and peaceful Flow of Life. Your Hopes are now met for your highest good. Relationships with Friends and your Mate become clearer, more truthful and meaningful. It is now time to Recall who you are, Communicate and Share your internal wisdom. This gives one a wonderful Balance between Heaven and Earth, bringing you true Happiness. Now you can come Home. You have a sense of yourself, a feeling of peace. Then the next journey can begin.