Sybil’s Story

It was during a time of intense healing for me that a series of symbols, based on sacred geometry began to appear to me. I was told that they would come through a high guide named Jobar, who would teach me how to bring them into manifestation as tools for my healing, and eventually for others who would choose them for their healing and growth.

I began to sit in meditation and summoned Jobar. Although I never “saw” this being, I would see shapes begin to form. As I drew them, I heard a name for each symbol, and their purpose for my healing. I heard and recorded an affirmation for each symbol.

This process took over a year. I gradually learned patience, to relax and to trust that there was a divine intention at work on my behalf. One of my greatest lessons through this process was to learn to trust myself.

The geometric symbols began to form themselves into groups related to my healing journey. I learned that my journey, and my purpose, is to connect to Creator and my higher self, and help others do the same.