Reiki I, II and Master's classes are scheduled at the convenience of the student and the teacher, Sybil Rose Pierce.

First Degree Reiki: Introduces you to the history of Reiki, hands on healing, and the energy centers of the body.
Cost: $150.00 

Second Degree Reiki: expands your knowledge of Reiki through the use of symbols, long distance healing and a deeper understanding of the Chakra system. Prerequisite Reiki I 
Cost: $250.00 

Reiki Masters: Five day class scheduled one day per month for five months. In this class Reiki I and II are reviewed. It includes an attunement to the Reiki master symbol, meditations and techniques to expand consciousness and the use of crystals in making a Reiki grid. A workbook is constructed by the student for their teaching of Reiki.

Prerequisite Reiki I and II 

Cost: $500.00 

One to five students

Call Sybil for details at 401-295-4070.

To learn more about Sybil Rose click on Energy Work and/or Symbols at the home page. 

    2014 SEASON



Orgonite Workshop hosted by Spectral Sanctuary (POSTPONED)

When: Saturday September 13th  2014
Time: 11pm – 3pm
Cost: $40 per person

Please RSVP to Louis @ 860-462-3211 /

Orgonite is a mixture of casting resin, metals and crystals which is widely used for energetic cleansing purposes. Many use Orgonite in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation from household appliances, cell towers and wireless networks.

Spectral Sanctuary shares the knowledge and expertise gained from over 5 years of researching and creating orgonite. While providing hands on instruction on making orgonite, we’ll also discuss orgone energy, orgonite use/function, crystal properties and much more.

This workshop guides participants through the process of creating their own orgonite resin castings. We provide everything needed, including a vast selection of crystals, metals and other materials. Participants are also welcome to bring their own special materials to use in their orgonite castings.

A workshop fee of $40 per person is accepted on the day of the workshop via Cash, Check, Paypal/Credit. The workshop fee covers one mid-size pyramid casting and multiple small-size castings. Additional mid-size castings may be created for an additional $20 per piece.

Important Notes:

Creating orgonite can potentially be a messy/sticky process. Please dress appropriately as the resin is difficult to remove from clothing.

Orgonite needs to cure for 6-8 hours after the casting process. Because of this, participant’s creations must be picked up the day after the workshop or later. Shipping & other delivery options are available if next day pickup is not possible.

The resin produces some noticeable fumes during the curing process. Organic vapor masks are available for anyone who may be sensitive to such fumes; however they aren’t necessary when working outdoors. Be sure to advise us if you have any respiratory issues so we may safely accommodate.


Sacred Sounds in Sacred Gardens
A Gong Bath Sound Healing Circle



When: Sunday, October 5th 12 noon
Cost: $20 pre-registration/ $25 day of the event
Where: SunRose Farm - Saunderstown, RI

Please bring a chair or whatever you need to lie comfortably on the ground. We will be outside, so please consider your comfort. I.e. Bug spray suntan lotion, etc. For inclement weather the day of, please call to confirm.

Join us in the beauty of nature among the sacred gardens at  SunRose Farm. Experience this harmonic attunement for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This extraordinary sound experience allows you to rest into yourself and move into a dream-like state while waves of gong tones wash over you and gently restore and harmonize your body, mind and spirit.  Immersed in the total sound of holistic resonance you can reach a state of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace—resting into your true being where all healing and knowledge can be accessed.  These vibrational overtones induce emotional stress release, chakra alignment, energy clearing and balancing.

Channeled Messages for the Soul

Join Roland for an evening of channeled messages.  Roland is an amazing medium and his work has touched and healed the hearts of many. Our venue is one of the smallest in the state.

When: October 7, 2014
Time: 6 Pm
Cost: $60 pre register

Checks payable to Sybil Pierce.
Your check is your registration.
Call 295-4070 for more information.
To learn more about Roland go to


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Lodging is available at Sunrose Farm B&B for any of the classes. A special reduced rate is given to participants.

Workshop Policy:
Events with limited seating are not held with a phone call. Please call for availablity. To register use the form in this section to reserve your space. Include your name, phone number, and email address. Checks should be made out to Sunrose Farm. Confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to you. If you are bringing a guest please include their name and information also.

For participants new to the farm please print out our directions to assure your timely arrival. Both googlemaps and GPS can tend to be confusing.





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