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 Life is always a balance of giving and receiving. Many times people will give, help, or support others to the point of exhaustion. This creates a ripple effect of imbalance in ones spirit, ... leading to stress, illness, or spiritual, emotional and mental confusion.

 Sybil Rose and Stephen Pierce have opened their Farm to the Spirit of bringing people back to their inner home and into balance.

Sybil Rose has spent the last twenty years supporting her clients to reach this level of balance. She has her BS in nursing and is a holistic nurse practitioner.  This combination brings a balance between the Allopathic and Holistic approach to healing.

She is a Reiki Master, (click on workshops for more details on classes), has  a certification in Herbology and Flower Essences.  She recently has taken a course using these two modalities in an alternative treatment of Lyme's disease. She has studied Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing.  Sybil has taken courses from the Upledger Institute in Cranio Sacral work.  Her most creative work has been the development of Elementals Sacred Symbols (click on symbols at the homepage for more information on Elementals). These Sacred Symbols have enhanced her Spiritual work. 

"These Symbols came to me as a reflection of my healing journey, so that I may offer them to you for your healing journey. " 

Using Elementals Sacred Symbols with a combination of all of her studies  has created a unique healing technique. 

Stephen is certified in Reiki I and II and Tuning Fork Therapy and has been working with clients for ten years.  Stephen works with clients in relieveing stress and recharging their energy.  He gives an insightful session helping the client understand where this stress is originating from and how to release it.

Stress creates a pathway for many different problems from muscle ache to illness. Releasing this stress helps strengthen the bodies internal defenses. The use of these modalities and healing tools in a session coupled with a peaceful setting brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to the client. This allows the physical, mental and spiritual body to come into vibrational harmony releasing stress.

Energy Realignment Therapy
Stephen has been given through meditation a unique technique that guides the client to release blocked energy. As the energy is released it is transformed into a positive force bringing a sense of well being to mind, body and spirit.

Stress Reduction Therapy
This modality uses gentle touch to release and carry away emotional and physical stress from the muscles.

Tuning Forks/Chakra Chimes
The power of sound (frequency) healing has been used for hundreds of years. Pythagoras (569 BC) a Greek philosopher and mathematician, believed that precise tones could calm and illuminate the mind and with discipline one could experience true happiness. Stephen has been trained to use these sound frequencies through Tuning Forks and Chakra Chimes. These tools help release blockages at each Chakra and bring them into balance. The tuning forks may also be used to help reduce muscle tightness caused from stress. Sessions are given either sitting or lying on a table fully clothed.

New to our team is Rachael Higham.  Rachael has returned from an intensive 7 week program at Omega Center. She is certified in Reiki I & II as well as Crystal Healing and uses hot rocks and crystals in her sessions. She offers a pick-me-up session for those with the winter blahs

Bio Mat Healing

Sybil and I are happy to announce the addition of the Bio Mat to our healing mat

The Bio Mat is a FDA medically approved device that uses Far Infrared to speed up healing at the cellular level. What it does is speed up blood flow to the cells and make the transfer of waste (or any toxic matter) out of the cell and increase nutrients into the cells.

The Bio Mat is also a Negative Ion generator. Negative Ions change the calcium and sodium circulating in the blood (ionized) which changes an acidified body to an alkaline body (recent studies have shown that disease needs an acidic environment to live). The Negative Ion generator is effective for stiff muscles headaches, insomnia in addition to its potential for preventing disease.

The third benefit of the Bio Mat is the EMF interceptor. Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with radio waves (microwave, cell phones, wireless internet and others). The Bio Mat acts as a lightning rod safely conducting the EMF away from you to ground. 

We have been testing the Bio Mat out for several weeks and we both find that in addition to its advertised qualities it is really relaxing. We have used it with a number of clients in conjunction with our regular session and the clients have loved the session. Many clinical studies have been done using the Bio Mat for specific diseases. Please look up Bio Mat on the internet for additional information.

We are offering two types of session.

  • Bio Mat Session only.
  • Bio Mat combined with an energy session with Stephen or Sybil.

Please call us at 295-4070 to set up your session.


Please call Sunrose Farm to schedule an appointment and for details on any of the practitioners and their work 401-295-4070                                                                                                     

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