How To Use The Symbols

Individual Use

To use the symbol, meditate on the affirmation while holding it in your hand. This allows one to become familiar with the design of the symbol both by vision and touch. When wearing the piece each time it is touched the affirmation will be remembered.

Practitiioner Use

My life's vocation is to facilitate people in their growth and journey. I work with my clients with a heartfelt understanding and compassion for their transformation. Through my own growth the Elementals™ were created. I realized that many of my negative feelings began to change when I turned my thoughts to a more positive view. I did this through affirmation. I find that the symbols are extensions of the Holistic work I have been doing for the past ten years both on myself and with others. As I grew to become more sensitive to my own internal wisdom I was given these symbols to integrate into my work. In using the symbol(s) that each client has identified with, the sessions are more focused and meaningful.

Have the client hold the symbol(s) in their hands in prayer position. Have them say the affirmation three times for each symbol. You may then ask the client to come up with an intent for the session. i.e. to release in love the negative feelings they were holding concerning a particular situation. Have the client place the symbol(s) on their body anywhere is appropriate. Continue session as usual. The client can reinforce the session by saying the affirmations quietly to themselves whenever they feel the need.

Principle Use

It is a known fact that the power of prayer is the number one alternative method people choose in healing themselves. Affirmations are a positive form of prayer. Affirmations are used to change negative beliefs or feelings stored in the body to more positive beliefs and feelings. This is done by using positive statements that deal with the here and now, such as, "I am... or I have... etc." The interpretative affirmations that accompany the Elementals Symbols are positive and general. This affords the person to use the prayer of affirmation in a way that works for the individual's highest good.

Reading the symbol story will give you an idea of the growth process and interconnection of the symbols. You may be interested and surprised as to where you are in your own journey.