Based on Sacred Geometry, the gardens at SunRose Farm provide the perfect setting for Spritual Retreats.

Using The Elementals Workbook, visitors are guided on a healing, mediative walk through the gardens.

My first awareness that SunRose Farm was a magical place happened about 8 years ago while walking through the forest. It was a beautiful day and the Princess Pine were peeking there heads out from a blanket of snow. I bent over to touch one and as I did I heard a voice whisper “we’ve been waiting for you Sybil.” As you can imagine I was surprised, not really sure I was hearing correctly and if I were, what did it mean.

Since that encounter with the Princess Pine I have written the Elementals™ workbook, which uses Elementals Sacred Geometry as a journey to self discovery.

Then in 2007 during meditation I was guided to take the format of my workbook and make it into a living journey.

Each garden holds the energy of the grouping of sacred geometry that represents the Element of nature they hold.

Today there are four gardens, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Awakening and Mindful Walk. Click a garden image below.